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Change the World: Step 1 - Occupy Your Heart

It begins, in our hearts and minds:

In our communication with ourselves and others, what if we replaced moral judgements with value judgements?

Want an example?

"He is a lazy bum" becomes "His values for comfort and security are different than mine."

How is this better? In at least  these five ways:

We are practicing and getting better at identifying our own values, feelings, and needs. This leads to a greater understanding of self, which is the key to understanding others.
We are practicing being more authentic and courageous. This leads to increased trust, deeper interactions, and getting more of what you want in life.
We are practicing (and spreading) acceptance of people having different values! This leads to more peace in your life.
Every time you pronounce a value judgement, you are increasing your sense of personal responsibility by saying, "I have a personal taste or distaste for blah blah" instead of "Blah blah is wrong because other people think so." A byproduct of taking responsibility is that you are increasing your power potential.
We are going to be "right" more often. Moral judgements are the same as pronouncing a "universal truth". For example: "You are evil!" and the response, " Oh? You obviously didn't know I contributed a year of my life building a school in Nigeria. The kids in that village would disagree with you." There is always another point of view.

When we practice shifting moral judgement into value judgement, we change the way we see the world. And that's where change begins; in your heart and mind!

But how does that change the world?

Every one of those benefits above manifest first in us as individuals. We interact with other people. Our ways "wear off" on other people. How can those ways, when spreading, influence governments and corporations? Let's call those organized groups of people with a purpose "Entities". Very important: Let's keep in mind Entities are made up of people.

Finally: Let's say that if those benefits wear off on the people who make up the "head" and "body" of Entities, the behavior of the Entities themselves changes to match the values of the people:

Greater understanding, i.e., more compassion.
Increased trust; it goes both ways.
More acceptance and peace.
More responsibility.

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