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If you have no previous knowledge of unschooling, this video might just blow your mind. Dayna Martin and Stefan Molyneux.
The full, unedited version with no music: Astra Taylor Lecture on Unschooling 
"We had no textbooks, no class times, no schedules, no tests, no deadlines, no curricula. Instead our parents encouraged us to cultivate our own unique, usually idiosyncratic, interests at our own pace. Are you fascinated by primates? Rocks? Baseball cards? Whatever you are interested in, go forth. They trusted our curiosity... Do we trust people to be curious, inquisitive, in charge of themselves... or do we believe people need to be led? Have you ever met someone who isn't interested in something? Have you ever met someone who isn't capable of learning? John Holt, who coined the term 'unschooling', put it this way: 'The human animal is a learning animal. We like to learn. We are good at it. We don't need to be shown how or what to do. What kills the process is people trying to regulate and control it... At our house, curiosity and creativity were not regulated or controlled. They were influenced and facilitated. We spent countless afternoons exploring the creeks and woods behind our house. We planted gardens that rarely flourished. Some days we read books. We made music. We painted. We drew. Elaborate home made movies and puppet shows. Other days we argued amongst ourselves or fought over the computer. Some afternoons we spent watching reruns of the Simpsons... and when we weren't that inspired, we did nothing. We were allowed to just do nothing. And for my family, unschooling worked. We are all literate, can balance a check book, and we all had the opportunity to pursue 'higher' education..."  
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