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Everything Voluntary, from Politics to Parenting

I'm about 30 pages into this book and getting a lot out of it! What attracts me most to this book is the integrity of integrating the NAP (Non Aggression Principle) into all aspects of life/relationships.
I believe that any time we say something like, "We'll have to force them to...", it is very important to pause, step back, and ask, "Really? Is force really necessary?"
If we are going to use force to get [whatever goal] done, let us at least acknowledge the price we always pay when forcing a human being to do something against their will. Let us acknowledge the trust we lose, the respect they lose, and the underlying lessons of "ends justify means" and "might makes right" and "it is OK for a majority to coerce a minority" being imparted.
Surely, if we think enough, we can come up with ways of doing [whatever goal] that will get it done where all parties have willfully given consent. Or maybe we will discover the [whatever goal] isn't as necessary as we first thought. Or maybe the [whatever goal], when fully extrapolated, is found to be unsustainable and/or costing more than the perceived immediate "benefits".

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