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Did They Hesitate To Abolish Slavery For Fear That Slavery Might Start Up Again?

written by Scott Swain (using 82.4% NVC)

"Hey! It's wrong to force people to work and then steal the bounty of their labor, so let's work toward an end to slavery!"

Response: "But if we get it outlawed, what's to stop those damn slavers from bribing future politicians and just starting it back up again?"

"Really? You won't support ending this obviously evil practice because you are afraid it might start back up again later?"

Response: "If you are going to be rude I won't talk to you."

"Ok. I'm going to let go of my agenda and really listen to you. Are you worried that your effort would be wasted because the corruption runs so deep?" <-- NVC response.

Response: "Exactly! And also: I am just one person against all those who support slavery and make money from it."

"When you think about the number and power of those who benefit from slavery, do you feel hopeless about how much affect you can have?" <-- NVC response.

Response: "Yeah! And speaking of that, what about all the people in the slave trade whose families will starve because they lose their jobs?"

"Do you worry about the innocent people who might be affected if we were to suddenly end slavery?" <-- NVC response.

Response: "Yeah. Uhm. But-"


Response: "I do see the irony. Hesitating to end a thing that takes advantage of innocent people for fear that those living off of their blood & sweat might suffer."

"I appreciate that you see that." 

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