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How are Libertarians Related to Anarchists?

by Scott Swain

Libertarians vary in their beliefs/ideas/principles as much as they vary in how they get to be Libertarians. There are left-leaning and right-leaning Libertarians. There are Constitutionalist Libertarians and Anarchist-Libertarians. Some subscribe to the label system of there being big "L" and small "L" libertarians where big "L" Libertarians (also known as Minarchists) means those who believe in small government (courts, police, army) vs. small "L" libertarians which is an umbrella term to include both Minarchists and Anarchists. 

What most all Libertarians agree on is that less government is USUALLY better, although they wouldn't go so far as to abolish ALL government.

Then, when you study Anarchy, there are also a wide range, including Free Market Anarchists (also called Anarcho-Capitalists (AnCap) or Voluntaryists), all the way to Anarcho-Syndicalists, Anarcho-Communists, and Anarcho-Socialists. I'm sure there are more, but I'm listing the ones I see as most prominent.

If you just say "Anarchist", it used to be most in line with what we now call Anarcho-Socialist, but nowadays all flavors of Anarchists are battling to own the term. I prefer Voluntaryist because it comes closest to describing what I believe in; consensus not coercion. 

What all Anarchists agree on is no rulers. But it doesn't mean "no rules". Every Anarchist I've met, of any stripe, agrees that we need some rules. We mostly just differ on what kind of rules would work best and how to enforce them. That's not to say there are not Anarchists who believe in zero rules whatsoever. I've just never met one nor heard a convincing argument for how that would work.

Here is an article I wrote on two flavors of libertarian:

Here is an article I wrote on how we can have law without government:

And finally, an article I wrote on practical ways we can all contribute to best get from our current state of involuntary violent government to a more peaceful and prosperous system of voluntary governance:
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