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What Role Does Tolerance from Humility Play in Your Politics?

Whether you think of yourself as a Liberal, Libertarian, or Conservative, this video might blow your mind a little bit.
When you ask most people, "What is Libertarianism?" You might hear "Non-coercion" or "Non-aggression principle (NAP)" or "Everyone does what they want as long as it does not infringe on another person's rights" or "Limiting government to protecting private property (including our bodies) and defending our country from invaders" or "God created us free" or "It is the moral way" or a combination of those.
Milton Friedman had slightly different reasoning. He also made a wonderful case for "weaning plans," which he sees as our responsibility to those who are dependent on government handouts. I love that he speaks with so much compassion and practicality about the importance of doing what we can to make transitions as smooth as possible. And yay, this addresses the number one concern of many liberals!
Especially if you consider yourself Libertarian, please watch this because at the very least, it may challenge you to answer the question as to why you are a Libertarian or it may help you clarify for yourself and/or others why you believe as you do. If you are not Libertarian, this will surely help you understand some of the humanitarian and practical aspects of Libertarianism you may not have seen or understood before.
And an oh so important reminder that TOLERANCE BASED ON HUMILITY is A, if not THE, primary human value underlying Libertarianism: "I have no right to coerce someone else because I can not be sure that I am right and he is wrong."
Milton goes on, "Some of our heroes (Ludwig von Mises, for example) have been highly intolerant as human beings and have justified their views in ways that I regard as promoting intolerance."
I'm happy to know that one of my personal heroes, Ron Paul, speaks at length about "weaning plans" (my word, not his).
Why is tolerance the foundation of Libertarianism? How do we justify not initiating coercion?

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