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Will You Make Me Pay?

If you really care about a certain group of people in a certain situation and you want to help them, which method do you prefer:
(1) Find a non-profit or charity that is helping this group and contribute your work and/or money to the charity and urge your friends to voluntarily contribute to this charity; 

(2) Create a non-profit or charity [or start a Kickstarter project or use one of the other 1000 sites out there for this purpose] to get voluntary help for this group; or

(3) Lobby your representatives to get the government to create a law or program that helps the group by taking tax money from everyone.
If you chose (3), are you willing to be the guy who comes to arrest me if I choose not to pay into your favorite program because I would rather use methods (1) or (2). If "not enough people care" for (1) and (2) to work, then how did so many (3)'s get voted into place?
If "people are too dishonest and selfish" then why do you trust politicians to have so much power over us?
Does stealing become not stealing when the cause is deemed necessary by what percentage of people? If a majority of 90% deem your cause worth stealing then it is OK to steal from the minority who do not agree? How about 60%? When exactly is mob rule OK? How about never? 
If you get your special program then isn't it fair that everyone get theirs, too? So when will we have enough "necessary programs"? When does it stop? When do people stop voting themselves more money? Has it been working? Let's see: The war on ignorance created the best education system in the world, right? The war on poverty created a nation of dependents. The war on drugs enriched big pharma, wasted billions of dollars, and put millions behind bars. The war on terror wasted billions, killed tens of thousands, earned fear and hatred of America, reduced our freedoms, and has it stamped out terror? Now we have the war on organic food and bad health. This will be interesting!


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