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Stop Watering the Weeds

by Scott Swain

Why it is tempting for so many to argue FOR a system of people controlling people? How many people think it through far enough to realize democracy means agreeing that it is OK for a majority to have the power to force a minority to do what the majority wants? Think about it. When you start asking questions like "Why does my government commit murder in my name?" or "Why are some people and corporations seemingly beyond reproach while truth-sayers are hounded and bound?", is it not interesting that the same cliched responses bubble up to DEFEND this obvious corruption?
Years of indoctrination and invitation to increased dependency taught us to see our government as if it is a "NECESSARY evil", or as if it IS us, or even as powerful, omniscient, and caring as a god. Do you see the parallels? Do you see how we are taught to revere and obey government just like a religion? Many now react as if to question government is akin to questioning ourselves. Brilliant! Few want to acknowledge their own limitations when mouths are full of tasty cheap libations. 
Even now that it is becoming quite obvious that money-not-votes control elections, people will say that "we control the politicians" in answer to this very important question: "If we, the peasant people, need to give coercive power to 'special' politician people to control us because people are greedy and violent, then who are these 'special' politician people vested with power that are somehow not greedy and violent, yet drawn to power? And how is it good that greedy and violent peasant people control these politician people?"

How about these politicians we choose and support? What if we were to allow ourselves to notice how their actions do not match their words? Do we really value peace? Then acknowledge, please, that we live in a system of coercion, from the bottom to the top. From the forced indoctrination called education to the forced taxation to fund the political circus of fools costumed in suits and ties, always helping their favorite friends, making laws and wars. Hail your true rulers: Wall Street. Goldman Sachs. Monsanto. Halliburton. Johnson & Johnson. Pfizer. Lockheed Martin. ExxonMobil. Chevron. BP. Shell.
So I ask: are we really more happy or safe? With technology improving in leaps and bounds, have you not questioned why your dollar buys less with each year we zoom and doom this planet around? Do you tuck your head and keep a low profile in hopes that somehow the entity growing all around us, sucking us dry, will for some reason decide to let go of the power it has or that it will want to stop growing? That its parasitic existence is actually necessary? That we can not choose to remove the training wheels we have been convinced we need? Does growth come from pure safety or from challenges?
The weakest excuse is to choose and support the obvious parasite in our midst for fear of what other parasites MIGHT spring up if THIS PARASITE IN FRONT OF US HERE AND NOW were to be allowed to wither and die. HUMANS HAVE THE DESIRE, IMAGINATION, INTELLIGENCE, AND TOOLS TO BUILD CONSENSUAL SYSTEMS TO DEAL WITH PARASITES. We have the water and seeds to grow flowers and fruit in this garden, if enough of us choose to acknowledge the weeds and merely stop feeding them.
What does that mean? Where do I begin? Look up Voluntaryism. Look up Agorism. Do you have kids? Start by empowering them through peaceful (not permissive) parenting. No kids? Start here with easy changes to your language that will empower you and spread empowerment.
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